Where in the Bible is the Trinity Taught?
Dear frie ds, I rece tly met a you g ma amed Natha while mi isteri g i the Bosto Subways. Natha appears to be seeki g for truth, but he told me he has a hard time believi g i the Tri ity because it’s hard for him to grasp. Whe I was a ew Christia , some Jehovah’s Wit esses shook me up a d made me wo der if it is Biblical to believe i “The Tri ity.” I researched a d prayed a d wrote a article showi g where i the Bible the doctri e of the Tri ity is taught. I rece tly updated this article a d it’s available for FREE at the li k below. I emailed a copy of the essay to Natha . I also made it available o my website for free a d I i vite you to check it out. You ca click o the graphic below, or you ca get the essay at: I hope this essay is a blessi g to you a d helps you draw closer to our God: Father, So , a d Holy Spirit. If the above essay is a tad too le [...]