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Hi everyone, welcome to my review policy! I’m thrilled that you’ve made it this far. Unfortunately I am not longer sharing book reviews on my blog. What I do share is book lists. If you would like to submit your book for consideration, please fill out the following form. I am happy to consider books from authors and publishers. Let’s Talk About the Uncomfortable Stuff First Over the last year, my blog has grown and evolved a great deal. I’m thrilled! I absolutely love being able to share my passion for books and reading with people. That popularity also means I have to be a bit of a meanie with regards to the books I share on my website. One of the reasons I’ve been able to find the success I have is because I know my audience and what they’re looking for. If your book, the cover or the blurb, doesn’t look like something that would be of interest to the people who view this blog, I’m not going to put it on. There is an expectation that if you’re asking me to share your book with my audience it is professionally edited, proofread and formatted. I either personally screen every book (for quality and content) before I add it to a list, or check in with reviewers whose opinions I trust. Which is why I ask you to include it in your request. Trust me, I hate having to do this as much as I’m sure you hate having to jump through these hoops. I just can’t keep up and I think it’s best for everyone (mostly me, but I’m no good to anyone if I’m burnt out) that I be honest about what I not only can, but am willing to do for you. I started this blog to share my love of reading and for a long while, reading felt like a chore. In fact, there were many times where I cleaned the kitchen and did laundry to avoid books I was obligated to read. So I’ve had to make the decision to put myself first and go back to my blogging roots if you will. I want to share books I love, not books I made myself read. The Expectations I run this blog because I LOVE books. This is probably where I should also confess to being a mood reader. I love making book lists and typically they reflect the type of book I’m reading at the moment. Which means the more information you can give me about a book, the better. Not going to lie, sometimes I want to read about closeted gay hockey players, other times I want to read about women who work in a bakery finding falling in love with tattooed men who ride motorcycles. Tell me what makes your book different from all the others on the market. In an effort to remain sane and reduce the number of requests from people who ignore my policy, I am only accepting requests sent via my review request form. Please take a look around my site and see how I do things. Follow me on social media. Interact, send me a message saying hi. I’m a person too and it makes me happy when people interact on more than a superficial “hey, I need a favor” level. Please pay attention to my book lists. My social links are at the top of the page, feel free to click around those as well. If you like my style, awesome. If it’s just not for you, no hard feelings. I am happy to discuss any specific requests you may have with regards the time and manner in which your books are presented on my blog. However, depending on the nature of your requests they may be handled as a sponsored post, not a review – which means rates consistent with the industry standards will apply. Inquire by emailing: The Reality Every effort is made to promote each book I am sent in some way however, I can not offer any promises or guarantees as to the time, nature, or existence of such exposure. Your book may receive its own review, be part of a series of micro-reviews, it may be included in a future book list or added to an existing one. The decision regarding when, how and even if I share a book on my blog or social accounts is entirely at my discretion. Sending me a copy of a book in no way guarantees any promo or positive review. My reviews are always honest and based on my own experiences with the book. While I try not to share negative reviews, sometimes I do. Especially if you do something silly like provide misleading answers to the questions in my review policy. (That’s not a very nice thing to do, and it happens more than it should. I’m not going to apologize for reacting.) Review Preferences For the most part, I read with the hope of meeting my next book boyfriend. I enjoy contemporary romance and generally prefer steamy content over sweet. I am happy to read about diverse couples. Gender, race, and orientation aren’t issues for me. However, I do not typically enjoy reading historical, paranormal, shifter, or MPreg romances. I rarely venture outside of the romance genre, although I do on occasion find myself craving something different. These books typically end up on book lists based on the themes of the book. They also likely won’t have a very quick turn around time. So please be aware of that if you send me such a request. I absolutely do not tolerate steamy scenes where consent isn’t clearly established. Surprise pregnancies are another plot point I choose not to read about. I generally don’t enjoy stories with children or themes of infidelity. Although there are exceptions, those are not as much of a hard limit as the first two but please be sure to disclose it so I can make an educated decision. What Happens Next? I receive a lot of review requests and as much as I want to, I can’t respond to each. Please include answers to the questions and attach a Kindle friendly file with your request. While I can’t guarantee I will review or promo your book, I can guarantee I won’t do anything without those answers. As a book lover, I appreciate the time and effort you put into writing and marketing your book. I know asking you to send your book without the promise of a review is going to rub many the wrong way. To those people, I am really sorry. I receive upward of 200 review requests each week. If I responded to every request, even just the ones I wanted to accept, I would have no time to read much less create content for my blog. I try to respond to every request for a sponsored post, advertising or requests with particular stipulations I may be able to work with. Most of my reading is done on a Kindle which means I appreciate well formatted .mobi files. I do on occasion read unedited proof copies. Please let me know if that’s what I’m receiving so I don’t mention that the book lacked professional proofreading/ editing in my review (that would be a bit awkward). If you would prefer to send me a physical book, mention it when you fill out my review request form and I’ll get back to you with my address if I’m interested. Housekeeping Links Each review includes a link to the books GoodReads page. I tag authors/ publishers in social media posts regarding book reviews assuming the links are provided. Each review and book list also has affiliate sales links when appropriate. Generally, I do not tag individual authors/ publishers in book lists although I will send an email to let you know you’ve been included. You are welcome to share those posts with your followers in whatever way you see fit. Sharing I share each blog post I write on the following social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Mix, and Pinterest. Depending on season and performance, sometimes I share them more than once. Disclosure I identify the source of books in my reviews as either author, publisher, NetGalley etc. However, I maintain complete control of what and when I post. Thank You Thanks so much for considering asking me to review your book and I hope to hear from you soon. Oh, and if by some chance you like my review enough to quote it … please do. All I ask is that you attribute the quote to Sawyer at and maybe let me know so I can get excited about it and brag to everyone I have ever met. To get started click on the button below to find yourself magically transported to my review request form.
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