Statusuri în englez─â | Love is a name
Just give me a chance to say I love you and I need you. Now are you here to stay, or fade away like every other day? I've thought it before, I'll think it again When will we stop playing pretend? I wish we were more than friends. I should leave, cause you deserve better. I know you've changed, you don't feel the same. While you tend to try and hide, your hold has got me tight. By the end of the night I wish that I could hear your voice again. I just wanna dance among the stars. These afterhours got me charged. Do you love me? Do you need me? Do you want me? I'd rather be on my own. Who said this must be all or nothing? I can't love when I can't even love myself. But I'm addicted to hurting. You don't know how to let go. Cos we've been driving so long, I can't remember how we got here. Stay, you're not gonna leave me. This place is right where you need to be. Cause you see only what you want to. Sun always seems to wash our fears away. Maybe I could fly you out this place someday. And