Bestival. AKA Best-of-All. | Love London | Lifestyle Blog
Any of you who follows me on Twitter will have read about my amazing experience at Bestival a couple of weeks ago. Phone breakages and bad back aside, it was definitely one of my favourite weekends of the year so far - and has firmly earnt it's place and one of my favourite festivals of the year. LOVED IT. It's not just the acts that make Bestival great - although they certainly helped. Dancing around in a field to Classics by The Cure, new favourites from Robyn and Kelis and an amazing (and my personal favourite) afternoon set by The Cuban Brothers was great. But there's so much more to this Festival than that..and the best thing of all? The people. The atmosphere here is amazing. Everyone embraces the theme (Rock Stars, Pop Stars and Divas this syear) and everywhere you look are people dressed up to the nines in AMAZING costumes. We spednt hours in the Bollywood tent listening to the likes of FatBoy Slim, trudged across Muddy fields to find Jag Skills, dragged 20 odd dancing people