Pasillo de Humo (Mexico City). Oaxacan flavors in Condesa
The cazuela was amble but I couldn't resist ordering a Tlayuda sencilla made with a flour tortilla charred on the comal, cheese and black beans seasoned with epazote and hierba de conejo. The herbs imparted complex flavors that were anything but scencillo (simple). Garnishing the Tlayuda, were slices of radish, pickled red onion, and a long, green seed pod known as guajes. My server happily showed me how to open the pod and pluck out the green, pumpkin seed-shaped morsels. I popped one into my mouth and chewed. It tasted like a starchy pea with the bitterness of clover. Turns out these dangling gems are used, both fresh and dry-roasted, in all manner of Oaxacan salsas, guacamoles, soups, and moles.