2018 One Snap To Charge Your Phone
ONE SNAP TO CHARGE YOUR PHONE THIS PACKAGE ONLY INCLUDES ONE CHARGING STATION ,THREE PORTABLE CHARGING PACKS WITH ONE ADAPTER, ONE MAGNETIC CHARGING CABLE. THE TYPE OF THE ADAPTER CAN BE SELECTED, Nowadays, smartphones are integral to daily life. It’s unthinkable to leave it at home, and a dead battery can mean disaster. Keep that battery level up, no matter where you go. Finger Pow is an extremely convenient portable power bank you can take anywhere. Unlike wall sockets or other portable charger, Finger Pow simplifies the entire charging process. It changes how we charge our phones and other devices by making charging more accessible and convenient. With Finger Pow, low-battery notifications will be a thing of the past. Traditional charging means being chained to a wall socket every time we charge. Some high-capacity power banks are offered on the market, but one is just like the others. We shouldn’t sacrifice convenience for capacity. We should select the best solution to the charging dilemma. That’s Finger Pow. For our charging packs, we use high-capacity lithium batteries with lithium cobalt oxide cathodes alongside a high-quality chipset from Neusoft. This provides a 85% boost to conversion efficiency. This tiny lightweight battery provides an iPhone 8 with 25% charge INCLUDE 1*Charging base 1*Data charging line 3*Wireless charging treasure 3*Adjustable interface