So...You Think You Can't Fulltime? - Living Bite Sized
Taking the plunge to live fulltime in an Airstream is, shall we say, a big decision. But it can be done! Have you been thinking about it, but just can’t find the perfect moment to actually make it happen? Guess what: there is no perfect moment. If you wait for that, your dreams of fulltime travel will never happen. Most people who make fulltime travel their lifestyle didn’t have that perfect moment either. So let’s address some typical concerns: I can’t travel because I don’t know how to make money on the road. You’ve GOT to think outside the box on this one. There are many ways to make a living while traveling. You can fulltime with a job. Things to remember: your expenses can be catered to suit your needs and lifestyle. You don’t have to spend anymore than you want to. Do your homework. Research other fulltime stories. Many online businesses are profitable these days. Figure out what your skills and talents are, then find unique ways to monetize them. It’s daunting at first, but there’s something you can do that others cannot do as well. Whether you’re a musician, photographer, graphic artist, writer, public speaker, carpenter, plumber, capitalize whatever it is that you like and want to do. (maybe become a Virtual Assistant!) I have kids and family obligations. Great! Bring the kids with you! If you have to do a little Airstream remodeling to put the kids somewhere, then do it. Kids love adventure; just make sure you use those adventures as teaching opportunities. Homeschooling is a really cool option for fulltime families. It works great for many people. Why simply read about history when you can also go to places where history happened? Are you concerned about extended family not seeing you much? Start a travel blog. Stay in touch with family and friends. You can always come back to visit. Or, maybe your extended family already lives somewhere other than your hometown. Why not go see them in your Airstream? I don’t have a large/new/expensive rig. Get this… You don’t need it! Yeah, new Airstreams are not cheap, but new does not always mean better, and old does not always mean useless. These trailers are well constructed and last a lifetime, sometimes longer. The point is to get YOUR rig ready for fulltime living in a way that suits YOUR needs. But make sure you figure out what you really need and what you can live without. Make room for those things you absolutely want to take with you, (like, kids if you have them). And don’t be afraid to do a little remodeling if you need to. Just know that everything you need to travel full-time will definitely fit in your rig. All it takes is a little planning on your part. What if I just want to travel for a year or two? You don’t have to fulltime forever. Maybe you’re tired of your current career and you want to explore other options for a season? That’s fine. Or maybe you just want to travel with the family before the kids all grow up? That’s great too. Whatever it is, whatever your reasons or life situation, don’t discount the option just because you think it can’t be done. Fulltime travel may actually open your mind to life/career options you never knew you had! I can’t afford to live in RV parks every night. RV parks are nice on occasion, but there are many other options. Enjoy more open spaces with quieter surroundings? Why not get some solar, maybe an invertor generator, some portable water tanks for extra fresh water storage, and do some off-grid camping? Isn’t this the way it used to be done anyway? State parks are an excellent and less-expensive choice, and many have electric and water hookups. National parks are a favorite for a lot of fulltime travelers, but for most of those, you’ve got to have your off-grid setup ready to go. If you’re traveling to see the sights, you might not want to stay in RV parks much at all. But if you’re used to staying in RV parks all the time, try a 5-7 day boondocking trip and see how well you do. Monitor your battery and water usage. You may want to adjust your everyday activities accordingly. If you don’t want to stay in RV parks every night, you need to learn how to live off-grid for longer periods of time. A weekend with no electric and water hookups is one thing. A week or two is another story. So if you think you can’t fulltime, the truth is, it’s not as difficult as you might imagine. If you want to do it, do your homework and go for it. Learn from others’ experiences. Figure out your skillset and find ways to make money doing something you enjoy. Take your kids on the adventure of a lifetime. Don’t worry about having the perfect rig. Just make yours ready for fulltime travel. Remember, you don’t have to do it forever. Maybe you need several months or a year to get everything ready. That’s ok too! The important thing is that you make a consistent effort to reach your full-time goal. Seize the day! Related