Felt Turkey Craft For Kids - Living Bite Sized
It’s that time of year, when we all get inspired to make wonderful crafts and want to get our kids involved, too! This year, make a fun Felt Turkey Plushie with your kids! It’s super easy and fun to make, and you won’t be disappointed with how it turns out. Enjoy! I just love crafting and making fun things. It’s a great way to relieve stress, but also a great way to just come together and enjoy the day. I love these Felt Turkey’s for gifts, decor and fun party favors. Festive Fall Thanksgiving Party Turkey Craft KitFestive Fall Thanksgiving Party Turkey Craft Kit Activities, Paper, Pack of 4 Supplies: Colored felt fabric – yellow, orange, red, brown, black and white. Needle and thread Pencil or pen – for tracing the template Scissors Cotton Hot glue gun Directions: Select the fabrics you want to use for this project (be sure they are felt!) and trace the patterns from the template onto them. The template includes everything you need. (Get your template here!) Take any one parts of the main body and stitch the eyes, the beak and the wattle on it. Tip: If you’re not good at stitching you can use fabric glue to attach the items on felt. Take the other (plain) body piece and place it under the detailed one. Match their sides and prepare needle and thread. Stitch around the sides of the 2 body cut outs but keep a small opening at the bottom side. Stuff cotton through the opening and then place the 2 legs between the 2 body cut outs at the bottom open end. Stitch the bottom in order to attach the both body cut outs and the 2 legs. Tie 2 knots and then draw the needle through the other side (back side) of the turkey. Pull out the entire remaining thread and then cut off extra. Take any 2 feather patterns (same color) and place them together, making sure that the sides are matched. Stitch around the sides of the feather patterns and before closing the stitch make sure to stuff a little cotton through the opening. Similarly prepare the rest of the feathers. Grab the stuffed turkey body and the stuffed feathers. Plan the arrangement of the feathers however you want and prepare hot glue gun. Glue the feathers on the back side of the stuffed turkey body one by one. Make sure that the feather patterns are visible from the front side of the turkey. Optional: Glue a round piece of felt to cover the feather joints at the back side. Attach a small piece of round felt cut out on the front, and you are all done!! Made it? Tag @sunnysouthfarmstead on Instagram and show me your creation! Colorful Paper Magic Color Scratch Leaves (24 pc)Jetec 10 Pieces Thanksgiving Turkey Craft Paper Turkey with 60 Pieces Colorful Feathers and Dot Glues for Thanksgiving Party Craft Activities Related