7 Things You Should Always Buy From The Dollar Store - Living Bite Sized
Honestly, I am in LOVE with the dollar stores! There are a ton of great deals that will save you money, and will always be a great deal at the dollar store. You don’t need to wait for a sale or a special deal to get an amazing deal at the dollar store. These items are always a dollar, and can even be combined with coupons to save even more money! Here are some things you should always buy from the dollar store. Seasonal Decor Items The dollar store has the best deal on seasonal decor items! From festive plates, cups, tablecloths, and almost anything you need for a festive celebration! You’ll want to hit the shelves early, because these items will always go quick! Kitchen Items Whether you need drinking glasses or a new set of plates, Dollar Tree has you covered! There is a whole aisle full of glasses, bowls, plates, and all of your kitchen essentials. You can also find disposable pans, kitchen utensils, and even ziploc bags. These work great and many of them have stood the test of time! Dollar Store Crafts & Recipes: Volume One Party Items Dollar Tree is the best place to shop for party supplies. They carry everything from streamers to gift bags! You can find cutlery, serving platters, and even favor boxes! You won’t find a better deal on any of these items anywhere else! Medicine Whether you’re putting together a 72 hour kit, or just stocking your medicine cabinet, medicine is a great deal at the dollar store. You can even stack coupons to get some of them for free! Dollar tree has a large variety of brands such as Excedrin, Vicks, Theraflu and so many others! They are usually smaller containers, but they are such a great deal! Dollar Store Decor: 100 Projects for Lush Living That Won’t Break the Bank Pet Supplies The dollar store is a great place to get leashes, collars, and even pet treats for your furry friend. At just a dollar, you can grab all of your pet necessities for a lot less! You can even find some adorable pet toys! If you own a dog, this is the perfect place to stock up since they go through them so quickly. Office Supplies Whether you’re looking for notebooks, envelopes, or paper clips, you’ll find the best deals at Dollar Tree. Office supplies are usually cheaper elsewhere during back to school, but if you need something during any other time of the year, it’s best to stop by Dollar Tree first! Candy There is no better deal on candy than the dollar store! You can grab all kinds of movie theater favorites and more at the Dollar Tree! You’ll see a lot of generic brand candies, but there are also tons of name brands! I’ve seen brands such as Snickers, Swedish Fish, Three Musketeers, Nerds, and more! How to Manage Your Money When You Don’t Have AnyPinch Like You Mean It! 101 Ways to Spend Less Money NowLiving Well, Spending Less: 12 Secrets of the Good Life There are so many good deals to be had at the dollar store! Be sure to pay attention to the size of the packaging, and make sure to compare before buying! Related