Weekly Comic Book Review 10/30/19 - Literation Club
Rockin’ Robbie Billups looks at the new comics released on October 30th, 2019! Including Joker: Killer Smile #1, Excalibur #1, Basketful of Heads #1, Fantastic Four: Grand Design #1, The Final God #1, Sandman World Presents: Hellblazer #1, The Plot #2, Harleen #2, Red Goblin: Red Dying #1, Venom #19, DCeased #6 and much more! What exactly are your favorites? Robbie Rants #380 Take a look at our Amazon . com Marketplace at https://world wide . Join the PCP Army at https://world wide Buy T-Shirts and much more at https://world wide Support us on Patreon at https://world wide Take a look at podcasts and much more at http://world wide Sign up for our podcast at Follow us on Facebook at https://world wide Follow us on Twitter at Tweets by thepcpshow Tweets by TheRockinRobbie Follow us on Instagram at https://world wide Follow Rockin’ Robbie at https://world wide https://world wide #NewComicBookDay #ComicBookReviews #Comics Related