Never Drink Cold Tea Again | List Producer
Let me guess - this has happened to you. You've made a cup of tea or coffee, then got so absorbed in your work and it went cold. Right? Or found that there's a small window of time when your drink is at perfect drinking temperature and then you miss it and keep running back to the microwave. This has been my reality and it drives me nuts. It's so unproductive. I absolutely HATE drinking cold tea! Ok fine - it's a minor inconvenience, but it's also one I don't have to deal with anymore. This past Christmas my parents bought me one of my favorite gifts ever - the Ember cup! The idea is that it allows you to keep your drink at the precise temperature that you set. No more cold teas! I know it seems kind of crazy to spend $80 bucks on a mug but I'm telling you it's been a game changer for me. View this post on Instagram Ok this is pretty much a life changer - a cup that keeps your #tea hot until the last drop. I feel like I'm living in an