Productivity Tips You Learn on the Job | List Producer
I have often credited my job as a news producer for honing my time management skills. Working in television has not only taught me the value of a minute, but also how to stick to a strict deadline. That's because the news happens with or without you and you better be ready as a producer. But what about other professions? Here are some example of jobs and the productivity tips we can learn from them. Firefighters - These guys and gals are known for being ready to go at a moment's notice. All their equipment is laid out, the tanks are filled, the whole process is geared to take as little time as possible. Because a couple of minutes can make all the difference when it comes to a fire -- preparation is key. While your day to day might not be as important it's still a good idea to do as much as you can in advance. Agricultural Workers - Life on a farm is not as easy breezy as playing Farmville on Facebook. Most farmers have to get up before the sun rises if they want to check off