What is it like to look after more than 100,000 trees? | | Lincolnshire In Focus
North East Lincolnshire Council is entering its busiest season of the year as the area's trees take a battering from winter weather. The council is responsible for more than 100,000 trees by the roadsides, in parks, cemeteries and in open spaces. A planned programme of maintenance work by the council's grounds maintenance teams keeps trees healthy and safe, with work prioritised depending on the risk the tree presents to public safety. Trees under the council's control are routinely checked to see if any work is needed. Routine work and non-emergency work is usually carried out through the winter months to keep disruption to birds to a minimum. Winter is a critical time as the weather worsens and storms and high winds can damage even healthy trees. The council has an on-call team when a weather warning is issued. This means they could be called out any time, day or night to deal with a fallen tree. If a lot of trees or branches have come down, the team can only deal with one issue at