Council tax reminder | | Lincolnshire In Focus
Residents are being urged to pay their council tax before the end of March when accounts in arrears are reviewed and next year's bills arrive. It is important that any outstanding council tax is paid in full before March as unpaid bills are always chased and often result in a court summons at a cost of £60, on top of your outstanding balance. Council tax payments mean we can continue providing vital services such as high quality care for your elderly relatives, effective social services for the weak and vulnerable and protecting children, as well as keeping the streets clean and maintaining parks – so it is important everyone does their bit. A new online service for people to access their council tax details was launched in 2017 to give residents instant access 24 hours a day. You can check your My Account to make sure any balance is cleared before the new bills are issued. To view your council tax account online, go to the My Account section at and follow the