Archaeologists uncover medieval road beneath Lincoln Cathedral grounds | | Lincolnshire In Focus
A 13th century medieval road has been uncovered by archaeologists undertaking works at Lincoln Cathedral. Allen Archaeology Ltd discovered the road whilst carrying out excavation works as part of the National Lottery funded Lincoln Cathedral Connected project. The road likely dates back to between 1280 and 1290, the same period that the Cathedral's cloister was built. The purpose of the road remains unknown, although experts believe it could have been used to transport stone and building materials for the construction of the cloister. The excavation has also revealed what is believed to be a late Saxon grave, which if confirmed, could evidence the location of Lincoln's Saxon minster. The minster existed before the Cathedral was built, but its precise location has remained a mystery. Near to the Saxon grave appears to be a pillar base, which could be part of the minster itself and is the only evidence ever found of it to date. Archaeologists are now excavating beneath the medieval road