My 20 Wishes for 2017 - Life As Mrs D
It’s taken me ages to write this post. To be honest, I’ve really struggled to think of things I wish for for myself that I could realistically achieve! I’ve been tagged by Ayse from Arepops and Katie at Living Life Our Way to write what my wishes for 2017 are. So here goes: Personal 1. To have more self-confidence – I’ve spent too much of the last few years letting certain people make me feel like what I’m doing is never good enough, and it got to the point I believed them. This is going to change 2. To read more – I haven’t really read anything, other than blogs, since Isla was born, so I’d like to get back into reading again at some point. 3. To take more time out for myself – again, since Isla has been born I haven’t taken much time out for myself. My mum painted my toe nails at Christmas, as I still had nail varnish on since we went to St.Ives at the end of September!! Things like this need to change! 4. Decide what I actually want to do with my life. I haven’t really had any aspirations for a while, again I think this is limited to point 1, but I’d like my life to have a bit more focus 5. Bake more often – I used to bake all the time, cakes, cupcakes, biscotti, most weeks. But I haven’t baked really in ages. I’d love to get back into it. Blog 1. Post more regularly – Previously I’ve just posted as and when, sometimes if I posted twice a month I was doing well. Now that I’ve started doing linkies I’m hoping this will encourage me to post more 2. Join more linkies – I’ve already started Living Arrows, and have created a list of other linkies I’ll join when I have appropriate posts. This will also hopefully allow me to discover more blogs and get me engaging in the blogging community more 3. Gain more followers over Facebook, Twitter, Bloglovin, and Instagram – Hopefully by increasing my following I’ll get more opportunities to work with some more brilliant brands. Plus it will mean I can see that more people are enjoying what I’m writing, and this isn’t all just for nothing! 4. Make more pitches to work with companies – I made my first successful pitch last week! I was so nervous after sending out the email, but it all paid off in the end. Here’s hoping more of my pitches will be successful! 5. Attend a blogging event – I’ve seen over the last couple of years so many bloggers I follow talking about the events they’ve been to, whether they are just blogger meet ups, or blogging conferences, and I’ve been jealous. Previously I’ve never felt that I blogged enough to make it worth while, but I’m hoping to attend something this year. I’d love to attend BlogOn Conference in September…if I’m quick enough to get tickets! Family 1. Have more families days out – so many of our weekends are spend just sorting out the chaos of our house, but I’d love to have more days out, exploring places around the area more. 2. Take more family photos – I think we have about 2 or 3 photos of the three of us together, and I’d love to take more. Maybe if I try to join in the Me & Mine linky each month this will get me taking more photos! 3. To have a really nice family holiday. I don’t mind where, home or abroad, but just somewhere we can make some fun family memories together 4. To see more of our wider family. We have family all over the place, and we don’t get to see them nearly as much as I’d like. 5. To find a really good nursery for Isla. The one we had been hoping for is fully booked for a really long time now, so we’re going to have to look further afield. I hope that we’ll be happy with our choice of nursery, and that I won’t feel guilty for putting her in nursery rather than staying home with her like I would really like to do, but can’t afford to do! Hopes and Wishes 1. David Attenborough survives 2017! I don’t think this one needs any explanation! 2. All my family and friends have a healthy and happy year. 3. Returning to work won’t be as stressful as I fear – By the time I go back I think a lot of things will have changed there, and it makes me worry as to whether I’ll still enjoy my job as much. As usual I’m sure I’m probably making mountains out of mole hills, but I guess only time will tell! Also….really not wanting to leave Isla, even if I know the nursery we are looking at is wonderful. 4. For me and Chris to have a weekend away – Chris has already turned 30, and I turn 30 in…a few weeks, eeek! So we’d love to go away somewhere nice for a weekend. This may involve smiling sweetly at some lovely people to look after Isla, but we may leave this until she’s a little bit older, and maybe the weather is a bit nicer! 5. For the end of the world not to happen…although with Donald Trump now in power I’m not sure whether this is actually just a pipe dream!! I think I’m probably a bit late for anyone else to want to be tagged in this, those who do well have already done theirs, but if you fancy writing your own, go ahead. It’s a great way of giving you a bit of focus without it being a resolution. Related