Masterton A&P Showgrounds | Licenced To Retire
Having arrived safely in Masterton 😀 after the incident when we nearly lost one of our front wheels on the way here (refer previous blog) we decided on a night at the local A&P Showgrounds. A place Sarah had read about and one that sounded like a really nice place to stay. The Showgrounds are a fairly recent addition to the travel directory and set up solely for NZMCA members. Parking is to the side of the showround area with powered and non powered sites available. As a lot of the people parked in the powered area had dogs we chose a quieter area in the non powered section so that Mr Blobby could stretch his legs without being bothered by friendly dogs wanting to say hello. With us settled and Mr Blobby having had his daily exercise it was time to find the registration booth and make our stay official. We set off in the direction of what I thought was the office, although in truth I had no idea where to go. Thankfully a lady in another motorhome was able to deduce what