Akitio and the lost stud! | Licenced To Retire
As I have mentioned in previous posts about this part of the coastline it's much further than the crow flies to get from beach to beach and so it was again with another 65 kilometre drive to get from Herbertville to Akitio which are actually less than 20kms apart. There is a lot of forestry in this area, with the logging trucks causing a huge amount of damage to the road surface between Wimbledon and the turn off at Weber. It was so bad that in one place someone had spray painted across the road TDC (Tararua district council) fix this bl...y road now !! I can understand their frustration especially if I was driving it on a regular basis. Road conditions aside we arrived in Akitio safe and sound crossing the one lane bridge that leads into this little settlement. On each side of the river there is an original homestead with the river probably the boundary between what would have been another 2 huge sheep stations. It's something that really makes this coastline different from other