Pourerere Beach – It's Worth The Drive. | Licenced To Retire
Whoever planned the roads in the central Hawkes Bay didn't know how to draw a straight line with the quickest way between anywhere either an unuseable metal road or some higgly piggly line that some sadist drew on the map. I exaggerate slightly (only slightly) but the distance from Kairakau to Pourerere Beach as the crow flies is probably not much more than 20kms but the road to get there is almost 60kms long with a huge loop required to get there. You could take the shorter metal road but after hearing some horror stories from other campers we decided that it wasn't really an option. In fact if you check Google maps you will see that although the distance is 25kms shorter the time involved in driving is almost the same. That should tell most of us to avoid the road especially when you have a 9 metre front drive motorhome. (this coming from someone who has driven some pretty bad roads in other parts of the country. On arrival at the small settlement of Pourerere we noticed the above