Kairakau – Camping on the Beach | Licenced To Retire
After the short stop in Napier it was time to start our exploration of the coast south from there towards Castlepoint. In some ways it's a good thing that the road doesn't run down the coast as this probably deters many people from taking the long and winding roads that lead towards these beautiful beaches. In other ways it's one hell of a drive to get to some of them but more about that later in other blogs. Our friends Adrian and Sally had marked down Kairakau Beach as one of the must visit places, with it being the closest to Napier it's were we decided to start the tour. If I had been sensible I would have loaded Google maps or used the GPS and got there a lot quicker than I did by heading out on SH2. They say you are never lost you are just exploring new areas or at least that's what I told Sarah. When you arrive at Kairakau Beach you drive past the council owned camping ground which strangely is only open till the end of April and then shuts down for winter before reopening in