Stop Thief!!! | Licenced To Retire
It's not often I write an opinion piece in fact all of the others that I have written are all still saved as drafts in my computer but this one has me so riled up that I feel I have no option but to publish it. When I was a child like a lot of kids I got caught stealing lollies from the local shop, my parents were called and a serious telling off was had. Hopefully lesson learnt or if not at least knew what was right and what was wrong. A couple of days ago we stopped at one of the many A&P Showgrounds that allow members to use their wonderful facilities. We checked in around 2pm went looking for the office and another kind motorhomer told us about the honesty system in the shed "over there" we registered paid and thought nothing more of it. We left early the following morning to get something fixed on the motorhome that I will talk about in a later post then went sightseeing with no real intention of returning. However plans change and we found ourselves back at the same showgrounds