Heading South – First Stop Taupo | Licenced To Retire
We had planned that our next trip would head south with the idea to explore places that we hadn't seen or been too for a number of years. I had told Sarah that I didn't want to drive any further than Taupo on the first day although if she wanted to stop elsewhere on the way that was OK with me as well. Sarah remembered an article in a recent edition of the Motor Caravanner that mentioned a DOC camp just north west of Taupo at Whakaipo Bay. (#3333 in directory) The article shows a large open camp with nobody there close to the great lake. We decided that we would head there since we have already stayed at both 5 Mile Bay and the NZMCA Park. The article mentions that the road down to the camp isn't the greatest. Yes it is unsealed with the odd lump and bump but it has recently been graded and according to the locals we spoke too in a lot better condition than it used to be. Another reason for choosing to stay here is that fur babies are OK and we are again traveling with Mr Blobby (our