The Recovery Ward. (Or getting better in the motorhome.) | Licenced To Retire
Some places in the world like Australia they treat a 5 hour drive like you are visiting your neighbours. It's not like that here but sometimes a journey of this magnitude is worth taking when you know that at the end the place and the people make the journey worthwhile. So it was when we were summoned back to the far north to spend some recovery time with a couple of good motorhome mates. Still suffering from the effects of the chest biopsy I had been back to visit the surgeon at Auckland hospital to be told that they had to remove parts of my rib cartilage to get to the suspect lymph node and that I should have been told that pain may continue for another couple of months. I did mention that he was the one who signed my discharge notes, but in one ear and out the other. Waiting for us in the far north are friends Adrian and Sally together with John and Gaylene and Chalky on his own. John was still recovering from a triple bypass so between us we decided that this trip would be the