Travels with Mr Blobby | Licenced To Retire
This is a blog that I never thought I would write. Back in 1999 we were lucky enough to be chosen by a very adorable black and white cat as it's new provider of food and shelter when it turned up on our doorstep. Despite extensive efforts to locate the owner at the time we never found anyone and the cat never left. Given the cats size (rotund) and it's propensity for lounging around everywhere our boys who were 7,6 and 3 at time came up with the name Mr Blobby. Part of this was probably because one of our favourite TV programmes at the time was the Noel Edmonds Variety show that featured the original Mr Blobby. A truly British slapstick comedy that probably looks very dated now. Anyway time marches on and 20 years have now elapsed since the cat turned up on our doorstep. During that time a lot has happened with our three sons all growing up. The purchase of a couple of motorhomes. Numerous holidays in said motorhomes but never in any of these said holidays have we taken Mr Blobby with