Camping in Wenderholm | Licenced To Retire
It seems like a lifetime ago that we last managed to get away in the motorhome when in reality it's only been a couple of months. We decided that we would leave the camp grounds to the holidaymakers during the height of summer and then I was called in early January for what I thought would be a small surgical procedure to obtain a biopsy only to banned from driving for 4 weeks to give the wounds time to heal. You can read the story of this in my previous post. During this enforced time off Sarah kept herself busy with some interior decorating while my only meaningful contribution was cleaning the brushes at the end of each coat. Really struggling with pain from where they had cut, poked and prodded and then getting an infection in one of the wounds. I found it difficult to maintain my usual positive attitude. I would never have thought that this loss of mobility would have such a profound effect on my mental wellbeing. Finally four weeks had rolled past meaning I could "safely" get