Missing the Motorhome | Licenced To Retire
For those of you who follow my blog you will know it's been a few weeks since my fingers have danced across the keyboard to bring you our latest adventures. All going to plan it would have been within the next few days that we would have again hit the road as we did at this time last year to start our 2019 adventures. Sadly this isn't the case. Back in November I underwent another CT scan to check for a recurrence of the Lymphoma I was treated for in late 2016. This scan led to the discovery of a new enlarged lymph node in my chest between the heart and lungs leading to a request from my Hematologist for a biopsy to be performed to rule out lung cancer. With Christmas and the new year out of the way I got the call from the hospital to present myself at Ward 42 for the procedure. Since I had to arrive the day prior to surgery I was lucky enough to be treated to this gourmet meal of twice cooked beef accompanied by the most diluted gravy I have ever tasted. Anyway mustn't grumble at