2018 In Photos Part 2 | Licenced To Retire
As I said in part one of this blog photos are a window into the past and a chance to look back on what you have done, where you have been and who you have met. With the south island covered in the part one it's time to try and squeeze the north island into part two. Yet again it seemed that we went chasing sunrises as well as sunsets all around the country with some fabulous colours captured in all sorts of different places. Of course it wasn't all sun we had our fair share of rain whilst we were out and about including the absolute soaking when we attended the opening of the new NZMCA Park in Te Araroa. While it was raining and cold over the winter period we spent some time at home, then when there was a break in the weather we visited some of the areas to stay around Auckland to keep my blog going. The post about Z Pier in Auckland proved the most popular post of the year about a place to stay. But during winter we did also manage to get away catching up with fellow Dethleffs