2018 In Photos Part One | Licenced To Retire
Photos are your window into the past, looking back at them can evoke memories or trigger feelings that perhaps you might have forgotten about and so it is with me and my blog. I knew that I wanted write to about what had happened during the year but didn't quite know how to express this in words. so I looked back at some of the tens of thousands of photos I have taken and realised that these were triggering the brain cells and decided to do more of a photo essay rather than a blog to cover 2018 in two parts. South Island First and then the North to follow next. Some of the more remote road signs in the back country really had us smiling and above are some of the ones that really captured me. Of course to find some of these road signs you need to drive down some fairly remote roads like the one above leading to Lake Coleridge. Probably one of the worst roads I have ever driven but absolutely spectacular scenery around it. The funny thing was picking up these hitchhikers at the end of