How are you catching your fish today? | Licenced To Retire
With Christmas fast approaching and wanting to sneak in one last holiday before the crowds descend into our favourite spots, Sarah and I headed away to join our friends Adrian and Sally at the freedom camping area at the end of Ramp Rd, Tokerau Beach on the Karikari Peninsula in the far north. We found a great spot slightly elevated with a great view over the beach. Since we brought the new stays for the awning it's also great to be able to put it out and not have to worry about it being blown away in a gentle zephyr, it's such a big sail. Before leaving home I had asked Adrian if he could guarantee that after driving all the way to come see them the fishing would be decent, the weather good and the company even better. He replied that the fish were biting and the weather was great so 2 out of 3 wasn't bad! Knowing that he was joking about the company we set off. With the tide high early in the morning, the sun beginning to really shine it was perfect for a fish. As we were sitting