It's the people that make the difference! | Licenced To Retire
If like a lot of people you live in a city it's also more than likely that you barely know your neighbours and the chances of sitting down with some of them each night for a round of drinks and a discussion about the day are just about non existent. But for those in the motorhome community getting to know your neighbours is just part of getting around in your motorhome. Last year when we updated our motorhome and hit the road on a much more regular basis than the 4 or 5 days a year we had been reduced to when we owned an ran our own business. We started getting to places that we hadn't been too before and we started spending more than one night at some of the places. Our first real experience with a happy hour was when, freedom camping at Whananaki and a small group invited us over to join them for nibbles and drinks an experience we enjoyed. The chance to hear about places other people have visited good or bad is such a valuable part this. Of course we still returned to Puriri Bay