Another 7 Days At Puriri Bay | Licenced To Retire
On our travels around New Zealand and those of us lucky enough to travel overseas we all come across a spot that for various reasons becomes your favourite spot. So it is for Puriri Bay in Northland for Sarah and I. There are all sorts of reasons that this could be one of those magic spots and quite a few of them presented themselves on this visit. After our trip around Taranaki on the EBOP Safari we both felt like going somewhere to do some fishing and general relaxing we even went as far as taking the bikes out of the back of the van knowing that there aren't any decent places for a bike ride there. This gives more space in the back for the inflatable boat, our trusty Zodiac. This year there are again new camp managers looking after the site Nicci , Kit and their children who rather than being motorhomers actually live locally and are building a couple of transportable sheds onsite as accommodation for themselves. Over the 18 years we have been coming here we have met a variety of