The Forgotten World Of Whangamomona | Licenced To Retire
After waking up to another incredible day on Mt. Taranaki, I was standing with the rest of the group leaning against the fence looking at the front of our motorhomes admiring the views when I spotted something that disturbed me about our motorhome. I spent 15 years running a rental vehicle company so got very used to looking at the state of a vehicles tyres and the front tyres in our Globetrotter where definitely looking worn. We have traveled almost 18000 kms in our motorhome in the last 13 months which by most standards is a lot for a private motorhome in that time, but not a lot for a set of tyres. So I was very surprised to see them down to 3mm of tread remaining. Turns out that there are a couple of reasons for the wear. Firstly they are a soft compound tyre designed for better grip but wear faster. Secondly I should be rotating them, this was something that I was unaware of. Neal, one of the safari group who has more experience in these things than I did told me what I should