A Night On The Mountain | Licenced To Retire
Leaving the NZMCA Park in Hawera it was time to complete our circle of the mountain and head towards the small town of Stratford with the first night to be spent at the A&P Showgrounds. Arriving later in the day we were stunned to see over 60 vans already parked there. It turns out that two other groups where in town. 40 plus vans from the North Island Rotarians who had spend the week here. As well as 20 Good News Vanners making a stop here on their own safari around the area. So it's just as well that the showgrounds have plenty of space in fact there was room for another 60 plus vans. @$5 per van with power available for a small additional cost it's also very reasonable. The only small drawback to staying here is the proximity to the main road and having the railway line running alongside the road so a bit of noise at times. With a bit of rain later in the evening I was able to capture this shot of a rainbow touching down on the roof of the motorhome. Even though we have owned the