Camping @ Cape Egmont Lighthouse | Licenced To Retire
After a quiet night camped surrounded by bush at the Pukeiti Gardens followed by the group morning tea I mentioned in the previous blog it was time to set off for an explore of these world famous gardens. Sarah and I planned to walk some of the back trails so for the first time in ages we also dug out our tramping boots just in case the trail got a bit muddy. It's a very imposing entrance to the gardens with what must be millions of dollars spent to make this part of the gardens accessible to people of all sorts of fitness or mobility levels with huge steel framing walkways and ramps that surrounds the main building making access very easy to this part of the gardens. For those in the safari less mobile than Sarah and I there was also the escorted tour of the gardens running every 20 minutes or so. With space for 10 or 12 people in the back of the stretched golf carts. These where free of charge as was admission with costs met by the Taranaki Council and private donations. I cannot