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It was time to move on from the TSB Arena to our next destination, the gardens of Pukeiti located on the foothills of the mountain. However as their carpark is not really designed for 11 motorhomes arriving and staying at the same time as well as all the other people visiting the gardens during the garden festival. They asked that we arrive after 3.30pm which left us the day to explore other things in the area. With each of the group heading off almost in different directions Sarah and I decided to just drive and see what happened. Sarah pointed inland towards Inglewood but rather than take the main road we went on a bit of a detour through some rather narrow back country roads. It was actually rather an enjoyable drive getting the chance to look at some really nice farming country. Inglewood is located about 20 kms inland existing mainly as a service area for the local dairy farmers but it's also home to the Fun Ho! museum located in the local information centre and so with time to