The Garden Festival Starts | Licenced To Retire
Leaving the NZMCA Park in Bell Block, Dave, our safari leader had arranged for us to stay in the grounds of the TSB Stadium. Whilst this is not a place that you can usually stay Dave has a good working relationship with the local council and as we are all self contained they were OK with this. Also with the large number of motorhomes in the area for the garden festival it was another place to squeeze some more tourists willing to spend money in the area. The carpark area is planted with cherry trees between each row which at this time of the year are covered in blossoms making the carpark a pink spectacle and much more than a carpark as our overnight destination. The only drawback with these trees was given the height of our van we couldn't park between the trees and had to park across 4 car park spaces but nobody seemed to be worried about this. One of the great things about traveling with this group has been the happy hours and how everyone has made us feel so welcome into the