Camping at NZMCA Park Bell Block | Licenced To Retire
Wanting to get out of Mikes Brewery before the hoardes descended on Saturday morning Sarah and I set off on the next part of the Safari. The plan was to meet at the Kawaroa Park on the waterfront in New Plymouth where Dave had received special permission from the local council for the group to camp over and above the 15 allotted spots for freedom campers. On our arrival it quickly became apparent that our motorhome like some others in the group would not fit in one of the allotted spaces anyway as these are designed for motorhomes not much bigger than a car rather than ones that stretch to 9 metres and beyond. As we had arrived here first we parked across 2 spaces in the row down from the designated area. I am not sure to be thankful or not but as the weather was less than accommodating the carpark was basically empty so as the other safari members rolled in we were able to form two lines across the car park and somewhat dominated the carpark area. With the motorhome settled we