Freedom Camping At The Three Sisters | Licenced To Retire
Packing up from the Mangakawa Scenic Reserve, Sarah was pleased to be moving on. Even though it was a very pretty place it wasn't the best night. You can read what happened on this blog. With the next stop to be the freedom camping area at Tongaporutu Bridge but first there were some stops to be made along the way. Trying to be considerate to other motorists we all left the Reserve at different times although still fairly close to each other. Sadly it wasn't long before we were the 5th motorhome in a row behind one very slow driver who wasn't part of our safari driving between 65 and 75 kph without pulling over anywhere. It constantly amazes me the lack of consideration from some people driving slower motorhomes. When you are on a road like SH3 that doesn't have many passing areas do the decent thing and move over when possible to let faster motorists move past safely. Dave and Nita had been raving about the sausages at Mokau and had also suggested that we have a look at the small