A Step Into The Unknown | Licenced To Retire
Leaving Port Jackson early on the Tuesday morning we wanted to get up and over the hill before any other traffic hit the road. This brilliant bit of thinking on our part had one major drawback, as the van was covered in morning dew and it's a gravel road it wasn't long before the motorhome looked like it had competed in the Paris to Dakar rally. Once we had made it over the hill we made a brief stop at Fantail Bay another DOC camp which was completely deserted. This is a small camping area very close to the water nestled amongst some giant Pohutakawa trees that would be a great base for fishing and tramping in the area. I do think that at $13 per head the charges are a little steep during the off season and that a more realistic charge might bring more visitors. Anyway to the reason for this post. Sarah and I have been members of the NZMCA since 2002 and I must confess that during this time we have never been to either a Rally or Safari unless you count us attending the opening of the