Camping at Port Jackson | Licenced To Retire
One of the things with social media is that you are constantly being reminded of what happened 1,2 3 or X number of year ago and so it was the other day when we were staying at Rays Rest and Facebook reminded us that it was 3 years since we had visited Port Jackson. Since we were heading for the Coromandel with the original plan to spend a few days in the area we decided that we would head instead to the end of the road and go back to Port Jackson. For those of you who don't know where Port Jackson is. It's really very simple drive north to Colville and then follow the road to the left for 30 kms. The tar seal ends at Colville and then it's a fairly narrow gravel road for the rest of the way following the coast. The road is in good condition and mostly free of ruts and corrugations but it's still a road that requires serious concentration taking much longer to drive than you might expect. One highlight for us as we drove the road was when I spotted a pod of dolphins frolicking in the