A Tour Of Historic Northland | Licenced To Retire
Earlier this year I was approached by the media manager of Landmarks NZ who asked if I could visit some of the the properties in Northland that they are charged with promoting and write about them in my blog. This seemed like a good excuse to visit some places that we haven't been to, so I agreed and earlier this year we made the journey north. In a sort of roundabout way it was going to be up the West Coast and down the East. First stop on the tour was going to be the NZMCA Park in Dargaville and although the local museum wasn't on the list of places we had been asked to visit we felt that if we were doing a historic tour them we should start there. We walked from NZMCA Park up to the museum paying the small admission fee and started our tour of the place. If I had to rate this small town museum out of 10 I would give it an 11 it's just packed with stuff at every turn and it would be easy to lose yourself here for hours looking and learning about the locals, their history and the