Swapping your Home for a Motorhome | Licenced To Retire
Although we don't live on the road in our motorhome we have over the last year spent probably over half the year on the road in ours and during that time we have met a large number of people who do live full time on the road. Some of these people have sold their house to purchase their motorhomes and others have retained the house whilst renting it out and then starting their journey. So this blog is all about whether to sell or not sell. For a lot of people their home is their biggest single asset and one that they have spent years making the mortgage payments to the bank for. That has got them to the position where they now have an amount of equity in the house that will allow them to make lifestyle changes should they wish. Some people will look at this equity and think that if they sell their property and buy a motorhome they can have the good life without the stresses of home ownership. So should you sell your home or primary asset to purchase your dream motorhome. Of course this