Looking back on the motorhome show | Licenced To Retire
It's now been a few days since we attended the NZMCA Motorhome show in Hamilton and I have had time to take stock of what we saw both from the exhibitors and the attendees. So I thought it was time to write a few words about the show, the people, the motorhomes and the coffee. Even though we didn't want to buy another motorhome, we really are very happy with our Dethleffs Globetrotter, we did want to have a bit of a sticky beak at some of the new ones on display. The show is also one of the biggest rally's in New Zealand with over 1000 vans being parked up by Friday night. Such and amazing sight and a credit to all the people who helped park everyone. I had read that there was going to be a dedicated entrance for the people who were staying at the park, but for whatever reason the organisers decided not to proceed with this option. We thought we would have to join the massive queues for entry which stretched hundreds of people deep. Thankfully there was the option to prepurchase your