Is your motorhome ready for summer? | Licenced To Retire
Daylight saving (yes there is no S on the end) begins this weekend and for a lot of people that's time to think about the warmer weather starting, brushing the cobwebs off the BBQ and maybe even thinking about heading away in the motorhome. If however, like a lot of people you have left your motorhome unused over the winter period ask yourself. Is my motorhome ready for summer? What do I need to do to lessen the chances of something going wrong. There are some simple steps that you can take to make sure your first trip away this summer is one that you enjoy and not one full of frustration with things going wrong or cursing about what you have forgotten to pack. Motorhoming is meant to be a joy not a millstone round your neck so lets get you ready. If like a lot of people motorhoming is an exercise for Summer and maybe Autumn when the weather is mild, the water is warm and the fish are biting. Then there is a good chance your motorhome or caravan has turned into the jolly green giant