Meeting The Motorhome Bloggers | Licenced To Retire
We headed from Taupo to the Motorhome show at Mystery Creek on Thursday afternoon arriving to find hundreds of motorhomes and caravans had arrived in the short period of time that the gates had been open. I remember last year being stunned at the numbers but this time with us in a different area it was much more noticeable. We noticed as we drove in that not all where lucky enough to be parked on a level spot and it was about parking where they put you, not where you might want to be. The parking gods however smiled on our motorhome as we ended up on both a level spot and one with unobstructed views down to the Waikato river. I had noticed in the rear vision camera that we had another Dethleffs in the queue right behind us. So I was wondering as they parked up if we knew them? It turned out to be Graham and Irene who we had met at a Dethleffs get together in Northland a couple of months ago. It's quite funny as we wandered around the show to hear the number of salespeople selling