Camping In Taupo At 5 Mile Bay | Licenced To Retire
Leaving behind Adrian and Sally at the Evers Swindell Reserve in Hastings we made our way into Napier for a stop at the dump station located in the Foreshore Reserve. It's also a designated freedom camping area right on the beach. It would however be useless to us as you have to be able to fit into a carpark space to use it and at 9 metres we don't quite make it. In my last blog I talked about the illegal camping notice I received, which proves that they patrol these areas really well. Turns out that their security guard had made a mistake looking up the past record missing the fact that our two previous nights had been at Clifton Beach. In Napier Hastings you can move from site to site as long as you don't spend more than two consecutive nights at any one site. From Napier/Hastings it was onto Taupo where last year the Taupo district council changed their regulations around freedom camping closing the popular spot around the Boat Harbour and others inside the town forcing