Freedom camping in Hastings | Licenced To Retire
Sometimes a big drive is just something that you have to do. So it was for us on Sunday when we both woke early for what I thought was going to be the beginning of a trip to the Coromandel when Sarah suggested that we head to Hastings and catch up with Adrian and Sally who we had met in the South Island. Leaving Auckland not long afterwards it was really nice to have the motorway almost to ourselves unlike what it would be like just an hour or so later. We made really good time, The motorhome has been running so much better after having had the recall completed. Probably because they replaced the engine management controller. As we drove down the motorway I commented to Sarah about the number of Mustangs and other Fords on the road. We pulled into the Caltex truck stop in Bombay to see a number of them gathered together. There was apparently a large gathering of Fords to be held in Hamilton that day. We had messaged Adrian and Sally before leaving Auckland letting them know we where