How to survive the motorhome show | Licenced To Retire
Last year when I retired we decided that we would upgrade the 1995 Mitsubishi Canter that we had owned since 2001 with something that was a bit more modern, a bit more spacious, has a decent kitchen and big garage but most importantly one that would have a fixed bed in the rear. So we didn't really want much! Like a lot of people buying motorhomes these days we trolled through Trade Me looking at the hundreds of listings at all sorts of varied prices trying to get a handle on what might be the best option. Realising that looking at pictures online was only adding to our overall confusion we decided to go out looking at various retailers. We have the advantage of living in Auckland so most of the major brands are represented here. However one of the places we wanted to look was in Silverdale (north) another in Drury (south) and everything in between. As alzheimer's is beginning to take over making true comparisons between brands is easier said than done. We wanted to be able to walk