Mangungu Mission and Horeke | Licenced To Retire
Imagine standing on the front porch of your house looking out over the harbour to see 400 waka beached along the shore and 4000 Maori standing in your front garden. This would have been the case had you been at the Mangungu Mission on February 12th 1840 for the largest single signing of the Treaty of Waitangi. On that day over 70 Maori chiefs signed the Northland copy of the treaty. For those of you not familiar with the signing of the Treaty. In total there are 9 copies of the Treaty, with only one in English the remainder are all in Maori. The Treaty in it's various forms did a travelling road show around the country being signed by Maori chiefs as it went. In total more than 500 chiefs signed one of the forms of the treaty. Our visit to Mangungu Mission came about at the request of Landmarks Whenua Tohunga who asked me to visit some of the lessor known heritage sites around Northland and include them in my blog. To be honest I had never even heard of Mangungu and had no idea where