Camping at the Wairere Boulders | Licenced To Retire
If you ask most people in New Zealand about the Wairere boulders they will look at you with a confused face and tell you about the Moeraki Boulders north of Dunedin. Sarah and I visited these earlier this year and wrote about that visit in this blog. This time however we are in the Hokianga at the top of the North Island on a mission to visit some of the historic places looked after by Landmarks Whenua Tohunga. So far we have visited the Dargaville museum and Clendon House with the next blog all about our upcoming visit to the Mangungu Mission. Never having heard of this place before we found the Wairere Boulders #383 in the travel directory and Googled the place to discover that not only is it a CAP parking area but it also has these fantastic ancient boulders that are the reason for the park. Admission is $15 per adult or $35 for a family and that includes a free overnight stay in their park. The Australians who were staying here in the rental motorhome had asked in Kerikeri about